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GIDS Windows Store Apps Workshop

On May 7th I and Goutham will be delivering 3 hour workshop on Windows Store Apps both in XAML and in HTML at Great Indian Developer Summit. Keep watching this space for more information


Developing Windows Store App in both XAML/C# and HTML/JS has been so easy. This is a series of eight hands-on lab modules that guide you through development of Contoso Cookbook, a realistic Windows Store app that incorporates many of the key new features available in Windows 8. You’ll learn to work with Windows 8 controls, view states, contracts, tiles and notifications, the Windows Store APIs, and other Windows 8 features. Choose the version of the lab series for the programming language you prefer: JavaScript and HTML, or C# and Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML).

System Requirement

·         Supported operating systems: Windows 8

·         Also required: Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

·         Internet Connection (optional but good to have)

Download Links

Must to have

Attendee must have the Windows 8 installed with Visual Studio 2012. Internet connection is desired.