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Windows Phone Adding Rating Button in Apps

Often times as a developer we get motivated to see ratings being given to our Windows Phone apps. However, this is possible only when one downloads and installs it in the Phone from Marketplace/Store.

I was not aware that the app list (not the desktop) has the context menu to rate, earlier to that I used to go to marketplace and rate if I really like the apps. This takes some efforts considering the fact that I am using Windows Phone unlike desktop. But we have context menu in the app list apart from the two “Uninstall” & “Pin this..”. Anyways, I would love to see AppBar button which lets me rate the apps from the app itself without navigating away. This is possible through the SDK API but you need to do what I like to call as “blind coding”. Let me explain the reason behind it. Unless your app is in the store the code you write to invoke the marketplace rating page will not work. So follow the people who has tried this and working well. We need to use the “Task” and the code looks as below

MarketplaceReviewTask rev = new MarketplaceReviewTask();

This would show up the rating page of Marketplace and hence you are.