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Windows store app : Tech Blog

My first ever venture to the world of Windows 8. I read blogs regularly and few of them are like newspaper to me. I have been using Blog reader since ages, however I thought to get one as store so that I can use it with my WinRT surface (waiting….) Smile 

Tech Blog

“Tech Blog” is the compiled edition of the most popular personal and official blogs from Microsoft. So far this is personal choice and built using HTML and JS.


Please download and install it from http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/en-US/app/tech-blog/4fb1c0c4-391e-4133-90f2-1e4285e7c5d9


Key benefit of this one is, the home page does not require any active internet connection. When we click one of the boxes then it will go and fetch the data from internet and gives continuous reading experience. So that you keep on reading article after article without navigating away from the page. Also it allows you open the article in browser and then using the share charm you may share the url to your twitter, facebook etc.

I wish…

 I am sure it is not a 100% perfect apps to work with. So please share your feedback through this blog or write to me at wriju_ghosh@hotmail.com. You can share your favorite blog url to add.


I am planning to add the capability to download the offline articles, user addition to the list, keeping the favorite etc. Please let me know how you liked/not liked it.


Happy reading.