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Windows Store App : What you need to know

Upload Your app begins the certification process when you upload it to the Store. During the upload process, we check your app’s packages for technical compliance with the Certification requirements for Windows apps. If your app passes these tests, you’ll see a successful upload message under the upload control in the Packages page. If a… Read more

Windows 8: List of all available AppBar icons

Are available at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/hh770557.aspx     previous next play pause edit save clear delete remove add cancel accept more redo undo home up forward right back left favorite camera settings video sync download mail find help upload emoji twopage leavechat mailforward clock send crop rotatecamera people closepane openpane world flag previewlink globe trim attachcamera zoomin… Read more

Why I should use Expression Blend for HTML to design?

Because you simply cannot ignore it. It is just an amazing tool to have This gives you WYSWYG Takes care of the dynamically loaded controls with data while designing Data bound WinJS controls are not visible in Visual Studio unlike ASP.NET You can also view and design for different layouts like snapping etc. Helps you… Read more

Windows 8: How do you add src attribute to an img tag when image is a stream not a file

At runtime we may have file coming from sources like Web Cam. This is not a file at that point in time. It is just a stream. Now, if I am into a HTML WinJS app how can I add it? Let’s you have a file with “myFile”. //Make the temporary URL (HTML5) //This URL… Read more

Windows 8 App Hands On Lab

Want to learn the various feature of Windows 8 App Dev. Just follow these 8 labs and you are done!!! Download Windows 8 labs for JavaScript and HTML (JavaScript_HTML.zip; English, 64.1 MB) Download Windows 8 labs for C# and XAML (CS_XAML.zip; English, 62.6 MB) Namoskar!!!… Read more

WinJS.xhr Issue while running next time

Windows 8 and WinJS.xhr goes hand in hand while developing application to consume web. I was trying out something like that. It used to work fine for the first run. But the second and consecutive runs it gives error as below. Error message Exception is about to be caught by JavaScript library code at line… Read more