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VB.NET 10 : Working with Array

Working with Array in VB.NET 2010 (VS 2010) is real fun. You can leave it to the compiler to decide. Be it one dimensional array, two dimensional array or jagged array.. One-dimensional Array When you declare something Dim arr() As Integer = New Integer() {1, 2, 3, 4} You explicitly mention the type so on…. Read more

What is Private Cloud – Watch it out Live!!!

Register today! http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/WebCastEventDetails.aspx?EventID=1032432793&EventCategory=4&culture=en-US&CountryCode=US   TechNet Webcast: Building a Private Cloud with the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Enterprises (Level 300)   Event ID: 1032432793   Register Online         Language(s): English. Product(s): Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager,Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007. Audience(s): IT Decision Maker,IT Generalist. Duration: 60 Minutes Start Date:… Read more