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*       How Do I: Getting Started with ADO.NET Data Services over a Relational Database

*       How Do I: Getting Started with ADO.NET Data Services over a Non-Relational Data Source

*       How Do I: Consuming an ADO.NET Data Service in a Silverlight Application

*       How Do I: Consume an ADO.NET Data Service in a .NET Application


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Data services API reference documentation on MSDN


Data Services Futures

Offline-Enabled Data Services and Desktop Applications
Learn how to create offline-capable applications that have a local replica of their data, how to synchronize that replica with an online data service when a network connection becomes available, and how replicas can be used with the ADO.NET Entity Framework.



Other MSDN Documention

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Storage Independence (ADO.NET Data Services Framework)


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Data Service Host (ADO.NET Data Services Framework)


Service Operations and Interceptors (ADO.NET Data Services Framework)


HttpWebRequest GET (ADO.NET Data Services Framework)


HttpWebRequest MERGE (ADO.NET Data Services Framework)


HttpWebRequest POST (ADO.NET Data Services Framework)


HttpWebRequest DELETE (ADO.NET Data Services Framework)


Batch Requests (ADO.NET Data Services Framework)