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Welcome to the World of Windows Azure

I am very much excited as I should be to start with my First Windows Azure Application. I did install the Azure related bits in my machine and got the token for uploading my test application. Then with the passion cherished by created the application which I am running at http://wriju.cloudapp.net, so let us enjoy.

There are lots and lots of resources available at http://www.microsoft.com/azure/. I compiled them and put in a single location for you. You can also go to https://sessions.microsoftpdc.com/public/timeline.aspx and open the “Azure” tag. You will experience the PDC 2008 announcement.


Technical Videos for Windows Azure

Download the SDKs

Explore and experiment with the Azure SDK’s locally

Ø  Windows Azure SDK

Ø  Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio

Ø  Microsoft .NET Services SDK

Ø  Microsoft SQL Data Services SDK

Ø  Live Framework Documentation and Resources

Register for Services*

This will give you an unique opportunity to create your own Azure Services and host in Microsoft Windows Azure Platform


About Azure

Good to Know

Azure Services

Training Kit

Azure Services Training Kit – PDC Preview



Windows Azure PDC 2008

For Whom?


Ø  Azure for web developers

Ø  Azure for corporate developers

Ø  Azure for ISVs

Ø  Azure for systems integrators

Ø  Azure for business


As always enjoy