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Visual Studio 2008 and LINQ Case Studies

Some of the early adopters case studies are now available,



OpenNETCF Consulting

Sogeti Group



Get some of the quotes from there,



LINQ is an object-oriented language and so fits perfectly with the philosophy of our product, which aims to make technical details of data access transparent to the developer.


LINQ helped us simplify how we targeted code objects and dictionaries inside our product. Experiencing it firsthand has made us quite enthusiastic about the technology.


We believe that LINQ is more than just a query language for retrieving data from data sources. In fact, it should also be considered as another way to implement your algorithm in your application.


We were looking everywhere for something to help us test our AJAX code, and the features in Visual Studio Team System are some of the best around.


We’ll ship better quality code earlier. Development and support costs will drop dramatically because we can find bugs earlier through better testing.


We now spend less time doing product support and more time producing new code because the applications are more reliable.


I opened up the code in Visual Studio 2008 Professional, and in three to four minutes, I recompiled some 100,000-plus lines of code


The kind of agility we got from Visual Studio Team System 2008 Architecture Edition at both the micro and system level saved lots of time by making modeling easier.


These are from real world implementation.