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Visual Studio 2008 : How to add Visualizer for LINQ

There are two very important visualizers for LINQ which are not part of default installation.


The visualizers are

Ø       ExpressionTree Visualizer

Ø       SqlServerQuery Visualizer  


Both the visualizers are available from


Visual Basic

Samples for Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2


Visual C#

LINQ and language samples for Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2


Once you install them you will find the ExpressionTree Visualizer and SqlServerQuery Visualizer under


..My Documents\Visual Studio Samples\LinqSamples\



..My Documents\Visual Studio Samples\LinqSamples



If you open the *.proj from these two folders and compile them you will get two dlls

Ø       ExpressionTreeVisualizer.dll

Ø       LinqToSqlQueryVisualizer.dll


Under bin\debug or bin\release folder depending on the type of build you select. Now copy both the dlls and drop them to the folder located under My Documents


..My Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Visualizers


Once it is there, and you are in the debug mode inside your visual studio 2008 these two options will come respectively.


View of LinqToSqlQuery Viauslizer




Now click on the “Linq to SQL Debugger Visualizer” button,







View of ExpressionTree Viauslizer




Now click on the “Expression Tree Visualizer” button,