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C# 3.0 Enhancements: Lambda Expression (more on what)

Lambda Expression gives us the more concise way of Anonymous Method implementation through functional programming language. Let me share some interesting aspects of Lambda Expression while exploring the C# 3.0 Specification. There it is being clearly described what Lambda Expression is.


(param) => expr


Can be expressed as


param => expr


Couple of the examples are given there


x => x + 1                // Implicitly typed, expression body

x => { return x + 1; }    // Implicitly typed, statement body

(int x) => x + 1                // Explicitly typed, expression body

(int x) => { return x + 1;}// Explicitly typed, statement body

(x, y) => x * y            // Multiple parameters

() => Console.WriteLine()  // No parameters


It is very interesting to me. Hope you will also enjoy this.