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Going back to nature: Getting bit NOSTALGIC


A bohemian by nature from the very beginning of my life, I spent golden moments in the dense rain forests and in tea gardens. It is nature where I went back again and again just because I was more comfortable there than my concrete bed room. I have ignored snake bites, mosquito threats and moreover the poacher’s gun shoots just because of the beautiful lap of Himalaya. I am from a town which geographically known as Tarai/Duars range. This is an untouched range for all kind of unknown greens and creatures.


Things happen there without any assumption. You may meet up with an elephant totally drunk in tea garden moving slowly with unstable steps. Citronella, one kind of grass from where we get oil and use it for soap, perfume can be found here and there. Using that grass local people generates the sound like elephant to help the poor fellow to find the right way. You know why we need so much effort? It is because to save the Tea plant which needs at least a minimum of 11-12 years time to hit-the-floor (tech term).


I am going to visit there this month. This time I will get one full-moon day. It is very tough to explain how it glows and how dreamy it is. It is a combination of fog with the tiny ray of light passing through the age-old big trees. Rivers are almost invisible now as there is hardly any rain during this time.


I will be back again at the end of November and be technical again, till then goodbye.



View of Teesta River (Photo Curtsey Wikipedia)