Introducing WPF Application Quality Guide v0.5!

WPF Application Quality Guide v0.5 has been released today at the WindowsClient.NET with new topics and updates!  Please check out the headline at the Featured News section, view the guide online or download a word doc  for viewing offline!   


This release includes several new additions and updates:

1.       Suggested Roadmap – updated to include new topics based on different persona

2.       Performance and Scalability Testing updated with a few new resources recommended by our WPF perf leads

3.       Integration and Scenario Testing – a new article outlines the strategies and the steps to take in Integration and Scenario testing.  Contributors: Nathan Anderson, Ranjesh Jaganathan, and Lester Lobo

4.       TestApi  (Tools) – updated with summary of the new APIs from TetsApi v0.2 as well as sample usages.  Contributor: Ivo Manolov

5.       Tools – various new additions and updates to commonly used tools.  Contributor: Alexis Roosa

6.       A1 Building a WPF Application Test Suite by Using VSTS, NUnit, or xUnit – a new article summarized the common unit testing frameworks including sample test code and key resources.  Contributor: Ivo Manolov

7.    A4 Considerations for WPF Browser Applications – a new valuable write-up with common considerations in XBap apps.  Contributor: Matt Galbraith


Please take a moment to check out the Guide especially the new additions and updates, and let us know your thoughts.  Got some ideas about making it more valuable to our customers?  Thinking about contributing to the Guide?  We would love to hear from  you!

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