TestApi v.0.1 Just Released!

I am very excited to introduce the TestApi v.0.1 to you - Microsoft WPF Test team has just released the v.0.1 version of the Test APIs!  To find out the details and download the APIs source code, samples, and API documentation at http://codeplex.com/TestApi/

TestApi is the API extension to the WPF Application Quality Guide, providing a set of documented, reusable APIs that enable developers and technical testers to write tests for their client applications.


TestApi v.0.1 provides the following APIs:

*      Visual Verification

*      Input Injection

*      UIA Helpers

*      WPF Dispatcher Helpers

*      Command-Line Parser


The package that we have released contains:

*      Binaries

*      Documentation   – both high-level conceptual documents and MSDN-style API documentation

*      Source Code

*      Samples   – a couple of VSTS samples

Ivo Manolov, the WPF Test Manager, who has been really hands-on in this release, from the vision to driving the overall design, coding, quality and the RTW release, you can also find more details on his blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/ivo_manolov/


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  1. BorisZ says:

    Написание тестов является не только хорошим стилем программирования, но и позволяет существенно повысить

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