Different Ways to Scroll Content in WPF Apps

We had a good thread today at the office about the content scrolling in WPF applications (controls, DataGrid, etc.), and one of our devs, Ben Carter, had a response that I thought is golden and would like to share with you:

Here are a variety of ways to scroll, perhaps one of these would fit the scenario you’re thinking of:

·         The default – provide a ScrollViewer and let the end-user do the work.

·         BringIntoView – Find a reference to an element and call BringIntoView() on it.

·         ScrollIntoView – Some ItemsControls provide a way to specify the data item to bring into view since the element that corresponds to the data item might be virtualized, making BringIntoView not an option.

·         ScrollViewer.LineUp, etc. – Find a reference to a ScrollViewer and call the desired scrolling method.

·         Commands – Raise one of the ScrollBar routed commands (ScrollBar.LineUpCommand) on an element that is a child of the ScrollViewer. (should result in essentially the same as calling the method on ScrollViewer)

·         ScrollBar.Value – Find a reference to a ScrollBar within a ScrollViewer and set the value property directly. (generally not recommended)

He summarized them really well, IMHO.   


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