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  1. GeoffreyK says:


    I just followed the steps listed above using the RC, and I’m still having all my WPF controls show in the toolbox.  I notice in the registry that I don’t have  a v4.0 folder, instead there’s a v4.0.30128 folder.  I put the information listed in the article under this folder, and it didn’t work, and I even tried creating the v4.0 folder that the article mentions without any luck.  

    Any thoughts on why this won’t work?  I can send you a build of the assemblies I’m using if that would help.

  2. Sam Harrell says:


    I work with Karl and would love to get access to your assemblies and source code (if possible).  I just tried the information in this blog entry using the VS2010 RC and got expected results.

    Please send to the assbemly and source code to samharr @ at your earliest convience.

    Thank you,

    Sam Harrell

    VS WPF/SL Designer

  3. Hristo says:

    Hi Karl,

    What steps should be made in order to support droping a custom Control from Toolbox to the Design Surface (SL and WPF). My control is in assembly that depends on other assemblies and for some reason when I drop it in the designer the needed assemblies are not added to the project.

    Is this scenario supported?

  4. karl140.6 says:


    Yes, your scenario is supported.  Please log a Microsoft Connect bug and include the project in the bug.  My team will get the bug and can help you.  You can log the bug as Private so that your code will not be seen by the public, just Microsoft support and our team.

    Sorry you are having a problem, have a nice day,


  5. Tim says:

    Do you have a complete example that works with Silverlight 4 and VS 2010? Specifically:

    a) its unclear what the files are called and where things lie?

    b) what assemblies need to be included to add ProvideMetadata and IProvideAttributeTable?

  6. tmcconechy says:

    Hi Karl,

    Do you have a simple example showing this for SL4 and VS 2010?

    My problem is:

    1) What kind of projects are Acme.Controls and Acme.Controls.Design?

    2) Assuming Acme.Controls targets silverlight and Acme.Controls.Design targets WPF how do you get the references to resolve between projects?

    I have yet to find a simple example for silverlight controls…


  7. karl140.6 says:

    Tim and tmcconechy,

    This article only covers the known issue with respect to the GAC, Toolbox and TCI.

    This link points to a two part article that covers all of your questions:…/wpf-silverlight-design-time-code-sharing-part-i.aspx

    This link also has many resources listed in the Downloads and More Information Links sections at the bottom of the article.

    After reviewing this informaiton, please post any questions you still have.

    Have a great day,


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