What’s New in WPF 3.5 – Going Deeper

In the last post we gave you the list of new WPF 3.5 features. If you’re looking for more details, check out the What’s New in WPF 3.5 doc on MSDN.


What’s New in WPF in the .NET FX 3.5 Beta 2 release

Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 and the .NET Framework 3.5 Beta 2 are now available! You can download them here. Read more about this release on Somasegar’s annoucement post. What’s new in WPF? Here’s a non-comprehensive list: Application Model o        WPF builds on the new add-in model in .NET Framework 3.5 Beta 2 to allow…


WPF perf tool available as standalone MSI!

To make it easier for everyone, we have posted the WPF perf tool mentioned here as a standalone install. Here is the x86 and the x64 version.   Some people have run into the following error when loading the app: The component ‘Microsoft.WpfPerformance.AddToolDialog’ does not have a resource identified by the URI ‘/WpfPerf;component/addtooldialog.xaml’.   This happens when you have…


Latest version of WPFPerf.exe available

The latest version of the WPF Performance Suite has just be released in the Windows SDK for Windows Server and .NET Framework 3.5! If you install the SDK, you’ll find WpfPerf.msi, which lets you install the latest perf suite. The accompanying “Performance Profiling Tools for WPF” article has been updated to reflect the changes, but note that…


WPF individual sample downloads!

Great news! You can now download WPF samples individually. From the WPF samples page on MSDN, just go to the sample topic of your choice, click the “Download sample” link on the page, and follow the instructions! It’s fast and easy! Note that if you choose the “Unzip” option, you will have to dismiss two…


Free DataGrid for WPF by Xceed

The DataGrid has to be the most requested and sought-after WPF control. Today Xceed Software has released version 1.0 of their WPF DataGrid. Check it out!

MSDN Wiki for the Windows Presentation Foundation SDK

The Windows Presentation Foundation SDK provides a complete set of technical content that targets the core scenarios that are enabled by WPF. Of course, developers in the real world encounter a wide variety of interesting and not-so-common scenarios and consequently learn things that could be of benefit to the WPF development community at large.  …


WPF Technical Chat – Thursday, Dec 21st

The first ever WPF live online chat will be held this Thursday, December 21, at 12:30pm Pacific Time. This is a great opportunity for the WPF team to answer your questions, hear your feedback, and share any tips, tricks, and news with you! If you are interested, please go to this MSDN Chats page to add the appointment…

MSDN Wiki Live on MSDN2!

The MSDN Community Content feature is now live on MSDN2 and enabled for the .NET 3.0 class library documentation! Your knowledge is valuable to us and the developer community you’re part of. If you see the following icon, it means you can extend the topic to share your tips, notes, code examples, and other information:       For…

Introducing WPF/E

Microsoft has just released the first pre-release version of WPF/E, which is a Web technology that uses a subset of WPF XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language). For more information on WPF/E, see MSDN WPF/E Dev Center. The MSDN Library provides the WPF/E SDK overviews and reference content for the exposed JavaScript API set and XAML. The…