WPF Shell Integration Library for .NET 3.5

One of the exciting new features in .NET 4 is the ability to use Windows 7 Shell features like Jump Lists, Thumbnail Buttons, and progress indicators in Taskbar buttons, with your WPF applications. These features are found in the System.Windows.Shell namespace in .NET 4. However, if you need to target .NET 3.5SP1, which ships with…

Fishbowl – A Facebook sample app in WPF

uxlabs@Microsoft has just released Fishbowl, a sample client application for Facebook, complete with source code. Fishbowl requires .NET 3.5 and uses WPF and ClickOnce. If you’re using Windows 7, it also demonstrates new features such as Jump Lists, taskbar previews, and multitouch. You can get more information and install the application from http://www.fishbowlclient.com. You can get…


Data Validation in 3.5

A cool new feature in the Data area in 3.5 is the support for IDataErrorInfo. Let’s take a look at the data validation model in 3.5 by starting with a memory refresher of that in 3.0. We end with a section that discusses how to choose between the different approaches. 3.0 Validation Model In 3.0,…


UIElement3D – Input, Focus, and Eventing support in 3D

One of the great new additions in 3.5 is UIElement3D, which brings input, focus, and eventing to the 3D space. To use UIElement3D, you can use the two new classes that derive from it, ModelUIElement3D and ContainerUlElement3D, or you can create your own custom UIElement3D class. In this blog post, Kurt creates a Sphere class…


What’s New in WPF 3.5 – Going Deeper

In the last post we gave you the list of new WPF 3.5 features. If you’re looking for more details, check out the What’s New in WPF 3.5 doc on MSDN.


What’s New in WPF in the .NET FX 3.5 Beta 2 release

Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 and the .NET Framework 3.5 Beta 2 are now available! You can download them here. Read more about this release on Somasegar’s annoucement post. What’s new in WPF? Here’s a non-comprehensive list: Application Model o        WPF builds on the new add-in model in .NET Framework 3.5 Beta 2 to allow…