Find the WPF sample you want with this "map"

I got an email the other day that included a twitter post with a link to this "map" of our documentation samples. It is a pretty fun way to see what all we have available. I don't know who created it but I really like it!  Especially since we had a hard time designing our wiki page on code gallery. Check it out and see what you think.


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  1. JGalasyn says:

    Well, heck:

    Dear admired visitor,

    Our Internet service provider experience technical issues. We making all our best to bring ViVaMind back as soon as possible. We thank you for visiting us, and sorry for not being able to serve you. Please come back later.

    With kindest regards and deepest sorrow,

    ViVaMind Developers

  2. Hi Jim,

    I think it was a temporary glitch in the site. It seems to be working this morning. Could you try it again?


  3. Anvaka says:

    Jim, sorry about that. It was indeed problem with our ISP,  we were crying offline ;-(. But now we are back 🙂

    Margaret, thank you very much for mentioning about our site :). We were both surprised and pleased having a mention from you :).

    By the way, now we have implemented "embed" feature. So now you can easily embed an image or interactive version of mind map right into your blog.



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