A new WPF photo application: photoSuru!

photoSuru is a sample application created by the WPF team that allows you to view and share your photos.  It is built off their existing SCE Starter Kit and showcases a lot of great WPF features such as deployment, layout, pixel shaders, themes and performance.  You can download the application and source code from WindowsClient.net.  To learn more about the features, check out the introduction to photoSuru or watch this video.  The team also put together great documentation describing the architecture and diving into the features of photoSuru.  If you want to create your own SCE application, read about how the team built the photo viewer from the Starter Kit.



Comments (2)

  1. Rudi Grobler says:

    Want to learn WPF? Need a great example application to learn from? Check out PhotoSuru !!!   PhotoSuru

  2. julio says:

    how can use this?? must be create individual controls?? or it bring incorporate?? please if you can contact me juvilo_23@hotmail.com

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