WPF Toolkit is live – DataGrid, Ribbon, and Calendar preview versions

In conjunction the morning keynote presentation at PDC, the public releases of DataGrid and Ribbon are now live. Download the binaries and source from here:

· WPF Toolkit including V1 of DataGrid, V1 of DatePicker/Calendar, & preview of VisualStateManager (VSM): http://www.codeplex.com/wpf/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=15598.

· Preview version of Ribbon: http://msdn.microsoft.com/officeui (install instructions here).


Toolkit Screenshot

WPF DataGrid doing line-of-business

That's a whole bunch of line-of-business goodness. WinForms devs take note.


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  1. Tanveer Badar says:

    My life depends on ribbon. Thank God!

  2. I’m glad!Because DataGrid and Calendar Control appeared, WPF will be used also for the business application. Windows Presentation Foundation SDK blog より。 WPF To

  3. CodeSane says:

    Microsoft Announces Windows Azure – The OS for the Cloud

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