Silverlight Toolkit is posted

Get the new Silverlight Toolkit.

Be sure to check out the samples: Silverlight Toolkit controls sample, and Silverlight Toolkit Charting sample.

In this release, you get the following controls:

  • TreeView
  • AutoCompleteBox
  • DockPanel
  • WraPanel
  • Label
  • Expander
  • HeaderedItemControl
  • HeaderedContentControl
  • NumericUpDown
  • ViewBox
  • ButtonSpinner
  • ImplicitStyleManager

Take particular note of the new Data Visualization control, Chart, which is a free Microsoft charting solution for Silverlight that gives you:

  • PieSeries
  • BarSeries
  • ColumnSeries
  • ScatterSeries
  • LineSeries

SL Chart

SL Toolkit Chart sample

There are also some new themes to play with:

  • ExpressionDarkTheme
  • ExpressionLightTheme
  • ShinyRedTheme
  • ShinyBlueTheme
  • RainierPurpleTheme
  • RainierOrangeTheme

Now, go light up your web pages!

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