Silverlight 2 docs are posted

The spiffy new SL2 doc set is live on MSDN. Be sure to check out the new QuickStarts, which show you how to play with things like Deep Zoom and Isolated Storage.


Describes how to create basic animations by changing property values and by using key frames.

Audio and Video
Describes how to integrate media into your applications.

Describes how to integrate images into your applications.


Image pyramid illustration

Gratuitous Deep Zoom-ready image

Deep Zoom
Describes how to create a Deep Zoom image, load a Deep Zoom image, and add interactivity.

Control Templates
Describes how to create a ControlTemplate to customize the appearance of a CheckBox control.

Data Binding to Controls
Describes how to data bind to a control and customize the display.

HTML Bridge
Describes how to access the HTML DOM from managed code, and to call managed code from JavaScript.


Isolated Storage illustration

Image data saved in isolated storage

Isolated Storage
Describes how to save and retrieve data as key-value pairs or files in isolated storage.

Describes hows how to use LINQ to filter, group, sort, transform, and project an RSS feed.

Syndication Feeds
Describes how to create a Silverlight client that can access and display a syndication service.

Web Services
Provides an introduction to using Web services in Silverlight.

Dynamic Languages
Demonstrates dynamic languages (Python and Ruby) by showing the DLR Console sample.

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