WPF MSDN Magazine End Bracket

An interesting perspective on XAML: http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/07/11/EndBracket/default.aspx.


Design Tools for Windows Presentation Foundation

Most of the content in this SDK documentation is focused on creating WPF applications “by hand,” meaning typing the XAML markup and code that comprises the application UI and functionality. However, especially in the case of creating visual presentation and behavior (UI, graphics, animation, and so on), it is often faster and easier to use…


Data Validation in 3.5

A cool new feature in the Data area in 3.5 is the support for IDataErrorInfo. Let’s take a look at the data validation model in 3.5 by starting with a memory refresher of that in 3.0. We end with a section that discusses how to choose between the different approaches. 3.0 Validation Model In 3.0,…