Essential Windows Presentation Foundation Released

Chris Anderson, an architect on the WPF team at Microsoft, wrote Essential Windows Presentation Foundation, which has just hit the bookstores.

WPF is as much a philosophical shift from other UI technologies (WinForms etc) as it is a technical shift. Consequently, understanding both aspects is important to being a profficient WPF developer. Chris draws on his architectural experience with WPF to provide a book with a solid foundation of technical exposition and many code samples. Interwoven with this is the the philosophy of WPF, a story that includes discussion of WPF design decisions, WPF V.Intended vs WPF V.Actual, and both understanding and applying key WPF programming principles. From this perspective, Chris's book is unique with respect to the other main WPF books, which include:

* Programming Windows Presentation Foundation, by Ian Griffiths and Chris Sells (soon to be re-released with comprehensive updates)
* Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed, by Adam Nathan
* Applications = Code + Markup: A Guide to the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation, by Charles Petzold

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  1. says:

    I eagerly anticipated Chris Anderson’s book and have worked my way throught the majority of the material.  

    While I agree with your assertion that his book provides a unique perspective, I would like to see more ‘insider’ material on WPF.  For example, a detailed view of the workings of the new sub-systems such as the DispatcherObject and the DependencyProperty system.  His appendix on Base Services touches on these areas, but doesn’t dive very deep.  

    I would love to see some in depth material from the WPF team on:

    > the design goals and implementation limitations of the new ‘Base Services’ sub-systems in WPF

    > how to utilize these systems optimally

    > which areas we should expect will be expanded / revisited in subsequent releases of WPF.

    Perhaps there are good resources for this information already and I just haven’t found them yet.  I’d love an ‘MFC Internals’ style walk through WPF and I’m sure other developers would as well.

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