Big ‘ol WPF Animation Wizard Sample

I just created a sample that serves as a walkthrough wizard for teaching WPF animations. Besides teaching you the basics of WPF animations in an interactive and relatively entertaining way, there are a bunch of cool effects integrated into the wizard that you can use for yourself (animations are defined in XAML). This sample will be available in the next SDK refresh but for now you can get it from this attached zip file.

Warning: Some of the animations are a bit resource intensive so animations might not be smooth on machines with older graphics cards.

To Run It: The project file is found in the CSharp folder (WPFAnimationsOverview.csproj). Open this file in Visual Studio and run it. Alternatively, to run from the command line (assuming you have the SDK installed) go to Start/All Programs/Microsoft Windows SDK/CMD Shell, change directory to where WPFAnimationsOverview is found and type "msbuild" and press Enter. Once you build from the command line, navigate into the "bin" directory and fire off the executable.

Comments (3)

  1. says:

    For someone so new that I’ve installed C# Express, and maybe written "hello world", where’s the README?!  😉

    I’m assuming I can load the myproject.suo and just run build, then I’m off?

  2. wcsdkteam says:

    Oops, I’ll update the blog with instructions. (:

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