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The Windows Presentation Foundation SDK provides a complete set of technical content that targets the core scenarios that are enabled by WPF. Of course, developers in the real world encounter a wide variety of interesting and not-so-common scenarios and consequently learn things that could be of benefit to the WPF development community at large.


To enable developers to share their knowledge and experience with the WPF community, the WPF SDK has now been augmented with MSDN Wiki, which allows developers to add and update comments on each conceptual, reference, how-to, tutorial, and sample topics in the WPF SDK.


The benefit of adding content to the MSDN Wiki is to provide a central, current, and shared repository of Microsoft and community knowledge and experience that extends the benefits of the online WPF SDK. Furthermore, the content is moderated to ensure clear, correct, appropriate, and useful information is provided.


A Brief Tour of the MSDN Wiki

The following figure shows the MSDN Wiki Community Content section of an online WPF SDK topic for which no comments have been provided.



A new comment can be added by clicking the Add hyperlink. When clicked, you’ll be asked to sign in with a Windows Live™ ID. After successfully signing in, the MSDN Wiki editor is displayed in the Community Content section, shown in the following figure:



After pressing the Submit button to save the comments, the Community Content area will be updated, as shown here:



Anyone can create a comment and anyone can edit a comment. Only moderators can delete comments. Each WPF SDK topic can have one or more comments, each of which can be edited by one or more people, wiki-style. You can click Show History to view who added or updated a comment and when they did.


What Type of Content should be added to the MSDN Wiki?

The MSDN Wiki is designed to capture relevant, useful, and appropriate information that extends the existing MSDN content. Bugs, feedback, threaded discussions, and questions should be posted using the appropriate, and more effective, tools, described here in the WPF SDK.


MSDN Wiki Moderation

The WPF SDK is moderated to ensure the community content is appropriate. As described by the MSDN Wiki Content Moderation Guidelines, the following types of content are considered inappropriate:

Moderators will process these types of content according to the MSDN Wiki Content Moderation Guidelines.


MSDN Wiki Language Support

The MSDN Wiki is available on both the US English and Brazilian Portuguese versions of MSDN Online. Future releases will be available for Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, and both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.


MSDN Wiki Frequently Asked Questions

Further MSDN Wiki information can be found in this FAQ.

About Us

We are the Windows Presentation Foundation SDK writers and editors.

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  1. The WPF Wiki is now live on Channel 9, thanks to Karsten and Tim. It is a repository for sharing best

  2. The WPF Wiki is now live on Channel 9, thanks to Karsten and Tim. It is a repository for sharing best

  3. Anche WPF hala sua Wiki."It is a repository for sharing best practices, useful resources, bugs and

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