June CTP .NET Framework 3.0, Windows SDK and WPF SDK Samples are Live

The June CTP build of the .NET Framework 3.0 and Windows SDK were posted live to the Microsoft download center a couple of days ago:


The direct link to the .img file for the SDK is below:


Forum traffic indicates that some folks have had difficulty getting this release up and running, but it did pass all required testing before being posted to the download center, so hopefully you'll have a smooth experience if you choose to download and install.

We've made all of our SDK samples for the June CTP release available as downloads on the NetFX Community site, at the following URL:


You'll find SDK samples under the Code Snippets node, the Controls node, and the Applications node. Have fun.

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  1. June CTP .NET Framework 3.0, Windows SDK and WPF SDK Samples

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