The Online Docs for Beta2 are Live (Finally)

A big apology for the delay, but I'm happy to announce that finally reflects the Beta2 Windows Presentation Foundation bits. You'll notice some enhancements (and some regressions) in the way that the content is displayed... Among the enhancements:

  • Color coding added to code blocks to improve readability.
  • Page ratings are now enabled so you can evaluate topics and post feedback to our team.
  • Subtle transition effects between pages.

Known regressions:

  • Search is not currently scoped to the site -- you won't get accurate results for a couple of days. I want to emphasize that search will be functional -- just give it a day or two for indexing to complete.
  • Sample source is no longer viewable from a Sample description page. You'll need to download and install the offline SDK to browse the sample source. Links to the offline install location will be available from each page soon (they currently link back to the entry page for the site, a known regression in behavior).
  • All page URLs have changed, so if you used to have a link to a topic, it's likely broken.

You can quickly get to the entry page for WPF content by using this link:

We added a number of new conceptual topics and samples between the February CTP release of the SDK and the Beta2 release. We also greatly enhanced the quality of the reference content. Here are some highlights among the new conceptual topics:

Here are some new samples worth checking out (although per the above, in order to view the source or build them, you'll need to install the offline Beta2 SDK):

We look forward to receiving your feedback on the docs. Please feel free to post any issues you have with the online docs to this thread so we can help resolve any problems you're experiencing.

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We are the Windows Presentation Foundation SDK writers and editors.

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