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You may have already noticed, but the online content located at still reflects the February CTP release of the platform. According to our production team (message posted to newsgroup), the online site will be refreshed soon:

I would like to send out an announcement about the online Windows SDK content at It still contains our Feb CTP docs and will be replaced soon with the Beta 2 version of the Windows SDK content.

I apologize for the delay but we have been experiencing technical difficulties with the new MSDN build & publishing system that we're using for deployment.

We hope to have the site updated sometime next week.

So the good news is that the site will reflect current Beta2 bits soon. The bad news is that Beta2 has been available for nearly two weeks already.

We're curious to know, do you prefer to use the offline documentation (redistributed with the Windows SDK), or the online docs? The online documentation has the advantage of not requiring a substantial download, but it also lacks core features of the offline documentation (including advanced search and indexing, as well as integrated VS.NET "F1 Help"). If you have a strong preference, please let us know why. I'd also be curious to know if anyone's development plans have been altered due to the unavaialability of an up to date online SDK.

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  1. Kostik says:

    Prefer offline because of speed. I’m using online version only if I’m on another machine (w/o SDK installed)

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