Expression Interactive Designer May CTP now available

Expression Interactive Designer

The May CTP of Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer is now available here. This version works with the just released WinFX Runtime Components - Beta 2

Take a look at the samples and tutorials in Interactive Designer to get an idea of how you can create visually rich user-interface designs. The HyperBar sample demonstrates a hyperbolic bar of icon images. The bar is a Grid control whose columns are resized according to a hyperbolic-type function of the mouse pointer’s position.

HyperBar screen shot

When you move the mouse pointer over the row of icon images, the icons enlarge in response to the mouse pointer’s proximity. The HyperBar sample also shows creative uses of transparency and reflection effects.

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Comments (3)

  1. barkest says:

    3 of us have downloaded eid and 2 of us get an error in the report when running project test or project build, the other person is fine. it still successfully builds/tests the project though.

    interested to see if others have this issue

  2. wcsdkteam says:

    In addition to the MSDN forum you have contacted, you can also get info at the Discussions in Expression Interactive Designer discussion group at

    You might also want to subscribe to the following RSS feed to get free XAML Clip Art and related design info:

  3. barkest says:

    thanks for the link it will be really useful – sarah over on the board in the link above was great and found a solution for any others that may have this issue.

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