XAML Clip Art: Plant Life and a Red Dragon

This posting contains four XAML clip art files that you can use with your sample WPF applications. The original source format of these images is WMF, or Windows Metafile Format. See the posting Converting WMF images to XAML using Graphic Designer for info on the conversion process.

At the bottom of this posting, you can find an attached Zip file (clipXart_01.zip) that contains the following four XAML files:


Here are thumbnail images of the XAML clip art:

Artichoke Green Frond
Orange Leaf Red Dragon

Scaling the clip art drawing
A ScaleTransform can be used to reduce or enlarge a clip art drawing. This means you do not need to modify any of the drawing elements that make up the clip art. By setting ScaleX and ScaleY to 0.5, the width and height of the canvas is reduced by 50%:

ScaleTransform ScaleX="0.5" ScaleY="0.5"/>

See the Animating XAML Clip Art posting for information on how to add animation to XAML clip art.

Have fun,


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