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Most readers are probably already aware of the Beta2 release of Windows Vista yesterday, but I thought I'd provide pointers to the proper URLs anyway. If you're looking for the download page for the Beta2 release of Windows Vista, it's available at this URL:

The URL above also contains detailed instructions (which include the links below) for setting up a developer environment with the correct bits to enable WPF application development.

The Beta2 release of the WinFX Runtime components (including the Windows Presentation Foundation) is available here:

The Beta2 release of the Windows SDK is available here:

I'll highlight some significant additions to the Beta2 SDK and give some guidance on how to find our content later today. We're well aware that finding our SDK content in the offline build can be challenging -- we'll provide pointers to the best entry points in the TOC for WPF content.

The online documentation for Beta2, located at will be refreshed soon (it currently still reflects the last CTP release). I'll let everyone know once it's public (stay tuned!) and highlight some of the new online features as well.

Have fun!


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