Blender to XAML Exporter Updated

Robert Hogue has updated the Python script with a bunch of new features. See this forum post for the instructions, tutorials, and demos!

-- Jordan

Comments (3)

  1. TheRHogue says:

    I just checked in v0.47.

    The exporter now duplicates exactly the blender scene when parentchild relationships are used within blender.

    This change should complete the support for full blender parentchild relationships.

    1. local transforms are now within model3dgroups for parentchild relationships. World transforms are used for items without parents.

    bitbonk tested this on some fairly complex robotic models with correct results. This final change should substantially help those who import complex models which normally have parentchild relationships. Before, people had to re-build the model by hand and recreate the proper transform and model3dgroup nesting. Now, an exported model can go directly into Expression Blend for animation by the designer.



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