.NET 3.5 has been released!

Yesterday, .NET Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 went live on MSDN. You can see what's new in both here and download them here.

Since this is a graphics blog, here are the graphics-specific changes of note in 3.5:

New Graphics Features

  • UIElement3D
  • Interactive 2D on 3D: Viewport2DVisual3D
  • Transformation services on Visual3D
  • BitmapSource.DecodeFailed event
  • HwndTarget.RenderMode to enable software rendering per window
  • BitmapImage.UriCachePolicy and BitmapDecoder.Create(..., RequestCachePolicy) to control web request caching

Notable Graphics Performance Improvements

  • Less animation jitter

  • RenderTargetBitmap memory leaks plugged

  • Big layered window improvements when combined with this on Vista or this on XP

  • MeshGeometry3D hit testing up to 50% faster in common scenarios

Notable Graphics Bug Fixes

  • Numerous layered window problems resolved

Most of these changes will appear in 3.0 SP1 as well. 

-- Jordan

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