More 3D Transitions

The WPF Feature Montage has been updated to include a custom transition control that contains four 3D transitions: page turn, curtain pull, explosion, and door open. The full source is included in the zip.

-- Jordan 

P.S. For those of you who saw us give our WPF performance talk at TechEd, we aren't allowed to post our slides here, sorry.


Comments (5)

  1. says:

    So where will the presenters be allowed to post their Tech-Ed slides?

    It seems kind of backwards compared to the ‘instant access’ we had for Mix07 materials.

  2. zer0mus says:

    Adam –

    I’ve been told the slides are for attendees only. I think they’re accessible from the website but if not they’ll be going out on a DVD.

    — Jordan

  3. wpf_developer says:

    Any ideas on where to find the Blender to XAML exporter?

  4. danlehen says:

    I am currently working on recovering the Blender exporter and finding a new home for it.  I’ll announce the new location on this blog.


    – Daniel

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