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  • It sounds like the Shaxam folks are improving their Lightwave to XAML exporter. Richard Godfrey has two fantastic examples up on his blog.

  • Chris Cavanagh has created a little 3D physics XBAP demo and he has also posted the source.

  • Japan's famous Asahiyama Zoo released an XBAP called "Mother Earth." 3D is used for the leaping intro and the rotating Earth.

  • Yousef has used the MS Virtual Earth APIs to create a zoomable globe XBAP.

-- Jordan

Comments (2)

  1. rkgeorge says:


    WPF XAML 3D is amazing! I can see that a google earth knockoff is not that hard to create using WPF 3D and the OGC standard web services. Here is one example using NASA NEO as the source for texture maps. This also uses a local GeoServer WMS for cities, country boundaries, and airports.

    Note: Ctrl+MouseLeft will generate a 12Mb loose xaml terrain model using JPL dem with JPL BMNG surface at the selected location. Unfortunately this server is experimental so performance will be iffy. Also JPL’s WMS server is popular and tends to get overloaded.

    Here is an alternative static xbap example:

    I am anxious to try out OGC WFS GML vectors to DrawingGeometry to make the cities and airports hit testable.

    Thanks WPF team!


  2. ChristopherQuesada says:

    Hi, I need some information about how cant I put collition detection on my 3D objects of WPF.

    Thanks for the help.

    write my at:


    Christopher Quesada

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