Petzold WPF3D book coming next summer

Windows programming writer extraordinaire Charles Petzold has announced the tentatively titled Windows 3D: Three-Dimensional Graphics Programming for the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation! In the meantime, watch his blog for updates and check out his recent book on WPF. — Jordan


Interacting with 2D on 3D in WPF

Interacting with 2D placed on 3D is now possible in v1 of the Windows Presentation Foundation! In between shipping Vista and planning the next version of WPF, we realized that with a clever implementation it was possible to provide this feature today on v1 bits, and I’m happy to report that as of now, the…


Material Color Knobs

We affectionately refer to DiffuseMaterial.Color, DiffuseMaterial.AmbientColor, SpecularMaterial.Color, and EmissiveMaterial.Color as the “color knobs.” The color knobs are probably the least understood WPF3D feature because they were one of the last (if not the last) features we added and most of the things you can do with them are not obvious. Hopefully this article will give…


Welcome to the WPF3D team blog!

Soon we’ll be posting things like design tips, perf tricks, feature discussions, 3D basics, and more but until then check out these existing resources: DanLehen’s blog 3DTools for WPF WPF MSDN Forums Jordan ParkerSoftware Design Engineer