Microsoft XAML Toolkit CTP – July 2010: FxCop Rule Authoring

The XAML toolkit, announced here and downloadable here, provides a number of FxCop rules for analyzing your XAML.  This post describes how the XAML Toolkit also helps you write FxCop rules.  Writing an FxCop Rule There are resources on the net describing how to write an FxCop rule.  You can read the original MSDN article… Read more

Microsoft XAML Toolkit CTP – July 2010: Silverlight Features

This post describes the features supporting Silverlight in the XAML Toolkit CTP – July 2010, announced here and downloadable here. Silverlight Schema Context The Silverlight Schema Context provided in the XAML toolkit allows inspection of Silveright XAML by tools that process XAML .Net 4.0 node streams.  For example: XAML validation in FxCop or loading into… Read more

WPF 4 Series: Getting Started

Hey WPFers – Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4 have been available since April 2010. In it, the WPF team delivered a great set of oft-requested features and capabilities that many customers asked for: Cached Composition LayoutRounding CleartypeHinting BindableRun Selection and Caret Brushes Windows 7 Shell Integration Progress Bars New XAML/BAML Parser Engine… Read more

WPF or Windows Forms CodePlex projects can now be installed via ClickOnce

Hi WPFers – As a pretty big ClickOnce fan, I’m super excited to see the most requested feature now available for CodePlexers.  Try it out and let us know what you think! @Rob Relyea:  They announced the release yesterday: How to deploy your codeplex project with clickonce If you have a codeplex project (WPF or… Read more

Welcome to the new WPF Blog

Hi WPFers – Today I’m very pleased to unveil the new WPF Blog.  Since the majority of Windows client developers and customers tend to use many different aspects of WPF’s rich UI framework and are looking for a variety of knowledge and guidance, we wanted to create a “one-stop shop blog” presence online provide the latest how-to’s, best… Read more