WPF in .NET 4.6.1

In addition to the platform and tooling improvements that we delivered in .NET 4.6,, we started looking into WPF App Local as a means of delivering platform improvements in March of this year. We had some early successes in our prototypes that we were super excited about, and we shared that with the community during… Read more

New UI Performance Analysis Tool for WPF Applications

In Visual Studio 2013, we added a new XAML UI Responsiveness tool in the performance and diagnostics hub to enable you to analyze application interaction-related performance issues in your XAML Windows Store applications. Since then, we’ve gotten a number of requests to support WPF applications. We’re excited to announce that we have built a new… Read more

Introducing Microsoft Ribbon for WPF

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. So here are some to whet your appetite. Read next post to get started using the WPF Ribbon. Pete Brown’s blog post about the WPF Ribbon makes an interesting read as well.   WPF Ribbon Application VS 2010 Project Template   WPF Ribbon Application Blend 4… Read more

The Roadmap for WPF

Today, we announced the roadmap for the WPF platform. The post defines the areas of investment in future releases of WPF, and details the current progress of improvements made to the WPF platform in the .NET Framework 4.6 and Visual Studio 2015. We have made some key improvements to WPF in this release: Transparent child… Read more

WPF Ribbon October 2010 Update Details

Here is the detailed list of the items that were fixed in the October 2010 update. Ribbon Split Button is only half-highlighted when users mouse over the button Ribbon Title is bottom-aligned, should be centered Ribbon Quick Access Toolbar icons are clipped and top-aligned Ribbon Contextual Tab header text is getting truncated if too long… Read more

WPF Community Projects

WPF Community Projects If you do a quick search with WPF as the search query of GitHub, you get over 6K results. That shows the incredible community support WPF has been blessed with over the years. We wanted to take this opportunity to call out some of popular and upcoming open source projects from the… Read more

UPDATE: Microsoft Ribbon for WPF October 2010

Here is the October 2010 update for the Microsoft Ribbon for WPF. This update contains the latest product changes and fixes for the WPF Ribbon. You can download the latest ribbon here. We’ve made a few changes to the WPF Ribbon you might be interested in… Upon the installation of this latest update to the… Read more

Expanding WPF for UI Debugging

The Optimum User Experience Since the very earliest days of WPF/XAML development, there has always been a need to inspect the visual tree. Early Pre-Alpha builds of Blend had a debug command which would dump the entire visual tree to a text file so developers could look through it for anomalies. We had internal tools… Read more

Future of the WPF Ribbon

I’m sure many of you are wondering what the future of the WPF Ribbon will look like. The future is hard to predict and there are so many things that can change. But here is a short list of things we will be looking into for the future of the WPF Ribbon. Virtualization – We… Read more

Why should I use a RibbonWindow?

RibbonWindow is a subclass of the regular WPF Window that provides additional services to be able to integrate Ribbon components with the Window Chrome. To demonstrate this use the sample application from the previous post.       Right-click the Format Painter button within the Clipboard Group Choose Add to QuickAccessToolBar option Notice that the… Read more