Ribbon Browser Application without the title row

We have received a query about being able to hide the title panel in a Ribbon Browser Application. As always this can be achieved by finding the appropriate element within the Ribbon template and manipulating its Visibility. The attached project demonstrates this approach. Here’s the resultant UI. However please note that with this UI, neither… Read more

Images in Ribbon Sample

We have received some feedback about the blurriness of the images in the Ribbon sample that was published alongside the Ribbon release. We would like to clarify that the sole purpose of this sample application is to showcase the API capabilities for the Ribbon Control Library. The images involved are purely incidental and were added to… Read more

Picking the right resolution for RibbonWindow’s Icon

It has been reported that when using an icon file as RibbonWindow.Icon, the icon is rendered blurry due to bitmap scaling. The reason for this issue is the inherent behavior of WPF Image element to simply display the first decoded bitmap frame within an icon file instead of picking the best match in terms of resolution. This behavior isn’t… Read more

Visual improvements for RibbonQuickAccessToolBar

Here are couple of scenarios that can be improved. The contents of the QuickAccessToolBar show far too low within the title area of the window. It is preferable that the left and right separators for a RibbonQuickAccessToolBar not show if this ToolBar is empty. Find attached a workaround app for the two cases outlined above. The first… Read more

WPF ZoomableCanvas with a million items (from Kael Rowan)

Kael Rowan just posted “ZoomableApplication2: A million items“, a post that should be very helpful to some WPF Application developers. We’ve definitely seen many applcations built that have a designer like surface (zoomable, pannable) with many boxes + lines. ZoomableCanvas shows some techniques to virtualize the data items and the uielements when they are not… Read more

SystemMenu does not show correctly when Ribbon application is run against .Net 4.0.

It has been reported that when using a Ribbon hosted in a RibbonWindow in an application targeting .Net 4.0, the SystemMenu does not show in the correct location. See screenshot below. Please note that this bug does not exist when targetting .Net 3.5. The workaround to this problem is in the attached sample. The essence… Read more

How do I add Galleries to my Ribbon?

RibbonGallery is a new metaphor introduced as part of the Ribbon UI. It is a control that visualizes a list of RibbonGalleryItems that are grouped into RibbonGalleryCategories. RibbonGallery is typically used to visualize a set of related choices that are best expressed visually. Using the Ribbon Controls Library the RibbonGallery can be hosted within any… Read more

How can I add rich ToolTips to my Ribbon controls?

There are six properties on each Ribbon control that enable creation of rich ToolTips such as the one shown below.     ToolTipTitle ToolTipDescription ToolTipImageSource ToolTipFooterTitle ToolTIpFooterDescription ToolTIpFooterImageSource   The use of any of these six properties causes a RibbonToolTip instance to be created and used as the ToolTip for the Ribbon control. It is always… Read more

Why should I use a RibbonWindow?

RibbonWindow is a subclass of the regular WPF Window that provides additional services to be able to integrate Ribbon components with the Window Chrome. To demonstrate this use the sample application from the previous post.       Right-click the Format Painter button within the Clipboard Group Choose Add to QuickAccessToolBar option Notice that the… Read more