SystemColors Reference

WPF exposes a swatch of colors that comprise the current Windows system theme.  These are available in the SystemColors class as Colors, Brushes, and corresponding ResourceKeys (for binding with dynamic notification of changes to these colors, e.g. if the user switches Windows themes).  This blog post contains a WPF tool to visually describe what Windows… Read more

Working Around RibbonWindow Dimensions Issues When Targeting .NET 3.5

For those targeting .NET 3.5, you will notice that RibbonWindow’s Height, Width, Left, and Top properties are a little funky and can be misreported.  This article explains why RibbonWindow on .NET 3.5 has these issues, how the issues manifest, and how to work around them.  .NET 4.0 has no known issues with respect to RibbonWindow… Read more

Enabling ClearType for Ribbon Applications

The Ribbon RTM release was built against .NET 3.5, but our October 2010 release of Ribbon includes both .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0 Ribbon DLLs.  With the v4.0 Ribbon, we have enabled ClearType on all of the Ribbon controls using RenderOptions.ClearTypeHint.  WPF applications using RibbonWindow must also opt-in to enable ClearType for all content below the Ribbon…. Read more

Future of the WPF Ribbon

I’m sure many of you are wondering what the future of the WPF Ribbon will look like. The future is hard to predict and there are so many things that can change. But here is a short list of things we will be looking into for the future of the WPF Ribbon. Virtualization – We… Read more

WPF Ribbon October 2010 Update Details

Here is the detailed list of the items that were fixed in the October 2010 update. Ribbon Split Button is only half-highlighted when users mouse over the button Ribbon Title is bottom-aligned, should be centered Ribbon Quick Access Toolbar icons are clipped and top-aligned Ribbon Contextual Tab header text is getting truncated if too long… Read more

UPDATE: Microsoft Ribbon for WPF October 2010

Here is the October 2010 update for the Microsoft Ribbon for WPF. This update contains the latest product changes and fixes for the WPF Ribbon. You can download the latest ribbon here. We’ve made a few changes to the WPF Ribbon you might be interested in… Upon the installation of this latest update to the… Read more

Ribbon Browser Application without the title row

We have received a query about being able to hide the title panel in a Ribbon Browser Application. As always this can be achieved by finding the appropriate element within the Ribbon template and manipulating its Visibility. The attached project demonstrates this approach. Here’s the resultant UI. However please note that with this UI, neither… Read more

Images in Ribbon Sample

We have received some feedback about the blurriness of the images in the Ribbon sample that was published alongside the Ribbon release. We would like to clarify that the sole purpose of this sample application is to showcase the API capabilities for the Ribbon Control Library. The images involved are purely incidental and were added to… Read more

Picking the right resolution for RibbonWindow’s Icon

It has been reported that when using an icon file as RibbonWindow.Icon, the icon is rendered blurry due to bitmap scaling. The reason for this issue is the inherent behavior of WPF Image element to simply display the first decoded bitmap frame within an icon file instead of picking the best match in terms of resolution. This behavior isn’t… Read more

Visual improvements for RibbonQuickAccessToolBar

Here are couple of scenarios that can be improved. The contents of the QuickAccessToolBar show far too low within the title area of the window. It is preferable that the left and right separators for a RibbonQuickAccessToolBar not show if this ToolBar is empty. Find attached a workaround app for the two cases outlined above. The first… Read more