Windows 7 Driver Samples

The Windows Portable Devices Driver Kit in the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) comes bundled with five WPD sample drivers. Two of these drivers, WpdHelloWorldDriver and WpdWudfSampleDriver, were available in previous versions of the WDK. The remaining three drivers, WpdBasicHardwareDriver, WpdServiceSampleDriver, and WpdMultiTransportDriver, are new additions in the Windows 7 WDK. Together, these samples illustrate how…

Windows 7 Portable Device Development Kits

There are several different resources made available to portable device manufacturers to assist in device firmware and driver development, and to application developers wishing to create applications that interact with these portable devices. These resources are provided and maintained by members of the Windows Portable Devices team. This post provides a description for the following…


Getting a WPD Sample Driver working with Windows Media Player 11

We mentioned in a previous post that the WPD sample drivers are not designed to enumerate in Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11) due to compatibility issues.   This post covers the changes needed to enable the WPD Comprehensive Sample Driver (WpdWudfSampleDriver) to appear as a portable device in WMP11 and simulate a sync.     The WpdWudfSampleDriver is featured in this post…


New Driver and Application Whitepapers Are Here

We’ve published two new WPD developer-centric whitepapers at the Microsoft WHDC website for WinHEC.    The first covers how to do WMDRM metering and license synchronization from a WPD application; the second describes how to port the existing WPD “Hello World” sample driver to communicate with a Parallax Basic Stamp II microcontroller to read temperature sensor data.   Both contain sample…


WPD and WMDM Side-by-side: An Application Development Perspective

This post will compare WPD and the latest version of Windows Media Device Manager (WMDM), from an application developer’s point of view. Availability (aka SDK and Runtime Requirements) The Windows SDK contains the complete build environment (headers, libs, sample code …) for developing a WPD application for both 32 and 64-bit. The Windows Media Format 11 SDK (WMFSDK11) provides headers and libs for WMDM…


Working with WMDRM Protected Content using WPD

Setting up your WPD application to handle protected WMDRM content The WPD API supports the transfer and licensing operations for Windows Media Digital Rights Management (WMDRM) content. This MSDN article describes two additional properties that are required to enable your WPD application to transfer protected content.      Property Vartype Description WPD_CLIENT_WMDRM_APPLICATION_PRIVATE_KEY VT_VECTOR | VT_UI1 Specifies the application’s private key….