Which version of the WDK do I download?

To develop WPD drivers for Vista SP1:

- Build them using the Vista WDK (version 6000) or from the Longhorn Server Beta 3 WDK build environments.   

- WPD drivers built using Longhorn Server WDK Beta 3 will not run on Vista RTM or Windows XP, this is because the version 1.7 WDF Co-installer shipped in the Beta 3 release does not support downlevel operating systems (Vista RTM, XP, Server 2003).  


To develop WPD drivers for Vista RTM:

- Build them from the Vista WDK (version 6000) 

- The drivers can run on Windows XP with INF changes and Windows Media Player 11 or Format SDK Redistributable 11 installed


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Comments (2)

  1. anony.muos says:

    Hey according to a post on this blog, WPD drivers built using Vista SP1/Server 2008 SDK are not XP compatible whereas ones built with Vista RTM SDK are. What about the interim release called "Windows SDK Update for Vista"?

  2. eralok says:

    How to build driver for XP64 OS? In WDK, Build environment is present only for X86.

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