WPD Development Kits and Downloads

WPD Application Development

To get started on developing a WPD application, download the Windows SDK (Windows Vista or later).  This contains the header and library files, build environment, and code for a sample WPD application.   Earlier versions of the Platform SDK do not include WPD.

If you are sending MTP vendor extension commands in your WPD application, and need wpdmtpextensions.h, this header file is also available in the Windows SDK (Windows Server 2008 or later).


WPD Driver Development

To get started on developing a WPD driver, download the Windows Driver Kit (version 6000 or later).   This contains sample drivers, tools, build environment, and documentation for WPD and User Mode Driver Framework.    Earlier versions of the DDK do not include WPD.

The pre-release Longhorn Server Beta 3 WDK is available as of April 2007, but only builds WPD drivers that run on Vista SP1 as the build environment is setup for WDF 1.7.   To build a WPD driver that runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista RTM, and Vista SP1, we still recommend using the (older) Vista RTM (version 6000) WDK for now.

We recommend using WPDInfo and WPDMon as debugging and testing tools for driver development.   These are bundled into the Windows Driver Kits.  For more details on these tools, refer to the "WPD Tips" Whitepaper.




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