Workflow Manager 1.0 Now Supported on Windows Server 2016 with CU4

We have completed our validation work and are pleased to announce that Workflow Manager Server 1.0 now supports the following platforms when used in a SharePoint Server 2016 environment: .NET 4.6+ (when using Service Bus Server 1.1 with KB3086798) Windows Server 2016 Windows 10 x64 (for development purposes) SQL Server 2014 & SQL Server 2016 To…


Building C# expressions support and IntelliSense in the rehosted workflow designer

The Workflow Foundation Designer can be rehosted in environments outside of Visual Studio for the purposes of creating, modifying, and monitoring workflows. Hosting the workflow designer inside a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application is a common rehosting scenario for the workflow designer. Prior to .NET Framework 4.5, all expressions in workflows could only be written…


New Book on WF 4.5

Congratulations to Bayer White on his recently published book, Pro WF 4.5 !


Windows Workflow Foundation Case Studies

Happy New Year! I’ve gotten a few requests for WF customer examples, so I thought I’d kick off 2013 with a list of some published case studies.  These are case studies specific to the use of WF directly; there are numerous additional case studies for other Microsoft products that build on top of WF, e.g. SharePoint,…


Updated Workflow Developer Center

We’ve updated our Workflow Developer Center on MSDN.  We’ve simplified the design and refreshed the site with updated links.  As part of this work, we’ve also pulled together a list of key WF samples. Our goal is for this to be a go-to site that aggregates key Workflow resources, including documentation, samples, videos, and other important…


New Case Study from PayGlobal

We have a new case study from one of our good partners, PayGlobal.  The case study does a great job describing how WF contributes to their Exolvo solution.  It also highlights the developer productivity gains that PayGlobal’s consultants and customers are seeing from the Workflow designer enhancements we made in .NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012.  From…


Announcing the Release of Workflow Manager 1.0

Today we announced the RTM release of Workflow Manager 1.0, a new offering that builds on and extends the capabilities of WF 4.5.  It’s been an incredibly busy time for the team, and we’re thrilled to get this release out to our customers, hot on the heels of our WF enhancements in .NET 4.5.  As previously mentioned,…


New Article on WF 4.5 Features

Leon Welicki, PM on the Workflow team, has written a great MSDN Magazine article covering the new WF features in .NET 4.5, including: Workflow Designer enhancements C# expressions Contract-first authoring of WCF Workflow Services Workflow versioning Dynamic update Partial trust Performance enhancements Leave us a comment with your feedback.  We’d also love to hear about your ideas and priorities…