New Workflow Manager 1.0 Getting Started Tutorial

A new Getting Started Tutorial for Workflow Manager 1.0 has been posted here:

Workflow Manager 1.0 Getting Started Tutorial

This is a 3 step tutorial which covers creating a custom activity, using it in a workflow, and publishing and invoking the workflow. It covers the use of the HttpSend activity, several of the DynamicValue activities, and also includes troubleshooting steps for common issues related to authoring, publishing, and invoking workflows.

There is also a video walkthrough and a download of the completed tutorial here:

Workflow Manager 1.0 Getting Started Tutorial Download and Video Walkthrough

This download also includes the starter files for the tutorial.

I have also started a thread for discussing the tutorial on the Workflow Manager 1.0 MSDN Community Forum. Please feel free to make comments or suggestions to the thread, but if you have any questions, please start a new thread for the question.


Steve Danielson [Microsoft]

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  1. workflow Visual Studio 2013 update 2 does not appear httpSend control says:

    hi steve,

    I´m try developing the following tutorial: How to create a custom activity in Workflow Manager 1.0…/dn175762(v=azure.10).aspx[^] in the section where it says drag a httpSend, this did not appear in the Toolbox of Visual Studio 2013

    send control doesn´t have method GET, and ResponseContent

    I need help??

  2. Ray says:

    Me too face the same issue.

  3. The designer experience for those activities are part of the Workflow Manager Tools for Visual Studio. These tools were not released for Visual Studio 2013 except as part of the Office Tools installation. WFM workflow authoring using WFM tools in VS 2013 is not supported at this time, however Sharepoint workflow authoring and debugging using WFM Tools in VS 2013 is supported  through office tools installation). Workflow Manager Tools is still supported for Visual Studio 2012, and you can still follow the tutorial successfully using VS 2012.

  4. Stephen says:

    Where  and how can i get Office tools installation loaded. Since I am currently running in VS 2013. And do you know when they would add this tool. Or are they move more towards App Fabric Server

  5. Stephen says:

    Sorry for the typo. I  wanted to know if they are moving away from the Workflow Manger 1.0 to App Fabric server.  And if I am able to load Office Tools, will I get the tool set that was used in some of the your sample video.  thanks for any help.

  6. S.B. says:

    Hi Steve,

    I want to implement a workflow system for automating some processes.

    Workflow Manager sounds good and can do many things that I need.

    Now we have 2015 and Workflow manager works only with VS 21012, the version is only 1.0 since 2012.

    Is there a better, more recent solution to such requirements?

    It would be nice, when you can get me a rapid answer.

  7. Alex Nobre says:


    Is WF Manager appropriate to build features that would replace the AppFabric hosting features? I have the same concerns as the comment before, will these tools be updated/supported for the next versions of Visual Studio? Visual Studio 2012 will end its lifecycle in some years and the size of these project needs tools that are going to have a considerate lifecycle and updates.

    Thank you

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