AppFabric Now Supported on Windows Server 2012

We have completed our validation work and are pleased to announce that Microsoft AppFabric 1.1 for Windows Server now supports the following platforms:

  • .NET 4.5
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows 8 x64 (for development purposes)
  • Windows PowerShell 3.0
  • SQL Server 2012

No changes were required in AppFabric to run on these platforms, so no updates are required.

Comments (19)

  1. Hello Jurgen! OK, so does it mean that the usual installation media can be used? How can it actually be that the same can be used as .NET Framework 4.5 uses a new SQL schema for the databases and AppFabric has its own schema, i.e. how can it be that the same old AppFabric SQL schema can be used and the schema has been updated in WF 4.5 (for instance concerning versioning)?

    Does AppFabric 1.1 actually support WF 4.5 workflows or only WF 4.0 workflows?

    If yes, when will WF 4.5 workflows be supported by AppFabric?

    Best regards,

    Henrik Dahl

  2. Hi Henrik,

    A few points:

    – The AppFabric schema merely extends the .NET WF schema.  When you run the AppFabric config wizard it runs the .NET WF instance store setup scripts and adds AppFabric-specific tables.  

    – The additions to the schema in .NET 4.5 are additive to the .NET 4 WF schema.  AppFabric will ignore the new columns added by the .NET 4.5 schema.  

    – 4.5 will also run without error on the .NET 4 schema, if you’re not using the new versioning features.  Specific to WorkflowServiceHost (WFSH), this means that you don’t deploy a workflow definition with version information populated.

    From a scenario standpoint, WFSH and AppFabric will run fine in each of these cases:

    – You install AppFabric on a new Windows Server 2012 machine (which will have .NET 4.5).  AppFabric configuration will run the .NET 4.5 schema scripts.  Side-by-side versioning is supported by WFSH, although AppFabric doesn’t use/surface the version information.

    – You have an existing installation of AppFabric and install .NET 4.5, without running the 4.5 schema update script.  Existing instances/definitions work fine.  New 4.5 workflows will also run fine as long as you don’t add the versioning information to them.

    – You have an existing installation of AppFabric and install .NET 4.5, and you run the 4.5 schema update script.  Existing instances/definitions run fine.  New 4.5 workflows will also run fine and side-by-side versioning is also supported.

    Hope that helps.

  3. We have appfabric running successfully on 5 windows server 2012 standard servers. However we are unable to create an HA Cache. The following error is found in the event log: "The High Availability feature of AppFabric Server caching features requires all nodes in the cache cluster to be running Windows Server Enterprise Edition or higher" So it would seem its not fully compatible yet. Or perhaps i'm doing something wrong?

  4. Ryan,

    Below is the response from the caching team.

    "We support HA only on the Enterprise and above SKUs for all versions of Windows Server. Please refer to the documentation here:…/hh351441(v=azure.10).aspx"

    You can use the Cache forum for any follow-up questions:…/threads

  5. Thanks for your response, however there is no enterprise edition in Server 2012.

    Furthermore it is common knowledge that the ONLY difference between standard and datacenter editions is licensing…. and i quote "Standard edition now offers all of the same enterprise-class features as Datacenter and is differentiated only by virtualization rights."

    This has been stated over and over by microsoft. here are a few links:…/WS2012_Licensing-Pricing_Datasheet.pdf…/buy.aspx

  6. Ryan Grisham says:

    To anyone with this issue, I have started a blog post on this issue here:…/appfabric-cluster-on-windows-server-2012

    I will update it as i have more information.

  7. Max says:

    Hi, i need to install appfabbric cache HA in windows server 2012.

    which version of windows server (standard or datacenter) Should I Buy?

  8. Craig Johnson says:

    We also need to run AppFabric Cache HA on Win Server 2012 Standard. WHAT IS THE DEAL?

  9. kenny says:

    i successfully install appfabric on windows server 2012 but when i try to install sharepoint server 2013 is given this error. window server appfabric is not correctly configure. anybody who can help

  10. Regarding the Cache HA question, please refer to this post on the Cache forum (which is also the best place to post follow-up questions):…/3cabf33d-fcc0-405f-9d3d-b61af6f65529

    Regarding the SharePoint question, please see the forums at:…/sharepoint.

  11. Andreas Kosch says:

    AppFabric 1.1 (WindowsServerAppFabricSetup_x64.exe  Version )  on Windows Server 2012

    AppFabric-Dashboard Error:

    Unable to cast object of type 'System.Management.Automation.PSCustomObject' to

    type 'Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Management.Data.GroupByInfo

    > no updates are required


  12. We're running App Fabric on W2k8 R2 servers.  I would like to migrate this to Windows 2012 server core but I haven't found any definitive statement that it will be supported.  Can it run under a server core instance?

  13. Haitham says:

    I have the same issue as Andreas Kosch, no luck till now

    i reconfigure it again, uninstalled and installed it again and then reconfigure and still the same issue

  14. Hi everyone,

    We just issued an update to AppFabric 1.1 to allow configuration of a Highly Available cache when running on Windows Server 2012 Std edition. You can get the update from here:…/2800726. After applying this fix, you should be able to create a named cache with High Availability turned on, running on WS2012 Std.



  15. Deepak Gupta says:

    Great to hear that High Availability is now supported in Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition.  Now how about adding it to Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition as well :-).

  16. Deepak Gupta says:

    Is AppFabric supported on Windows Server 2012 R2?

    Any clues about it's future direction for on premise Windows/.NET?

  17. Dan Raizer says:

    Hi Jurgen, I have an application which uses app fabric 1.0. Will it work on server 2012? Or do I have to upgrade it to 1,1?

    Thanks in Advance

  18. I have installed SharePoint Prereq in an offline mode and all the configuration running well

    I have configured AppFabric and connect it to SQL Database

    The IIS identify the AppFabric and the AppFabric 3 services running and started

    When i am trying to install SharePoint 2013 on Windows server 2012 an error massage say that AppFabric not configures try to UN install it and install it again !!

  19. Craig Jacobs says:

    I'm having trouble installing AppFabric 1.1 on Windows 10 Enterprise. After the files are unpacked, I get an immediate error telling me that app fabric is not supported on my operating system. Other folks at work can install it on Windows 10 Pro, is Enterprise supported as well?

    Thank you

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