Windows Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 Workflows

Scott Guthrie has a new blog post which highlights our work to support the new model for SharePoint apps and workflows in SharePoint 2013 and the next version of Office 365.  

You can find more on SharePoint 2013 workflows, which are based on WF 4.5, on MSDN here

Comments (2)

  1. Mohd Al-Bakri says:

    on MSDN link , they are mentioning that workflow is build on top of  WF4.0.  event the the new azure one.

    but in this link from the TechNet (…/jj219638(v=office.15).aspx)  they are saying the its on top of WF 4.5….

    this is confusing ,,,,  its seems i will know that by installing

  2. Chris says:

    Please find an overview of the new Windows Azure Workflow here:…/Post.aspx

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