Windows Server AppFabric book released

One of our long-time MVPs, Rick Garibay, and one of our DPE evangelists, Hammad Rajjoub, have just released their new book, Microsoft Windows Server AppFabric Cookbook

If you’re building your WF4 workflows as WCF SOAP services and running in WorkflowServiceHost, then IIS is a natural place to host these workflows.  If you’re hosting in IIS, then you should certainly take a look at the IIS extensions provided by Windows Server AppFabric.  With this book, Rick and Hammad have created a comprehensive guide to Windows Server AppFabric, and I encourage you to check it out. Rick provides more detail about the book on his blog.

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  1. Rick G. Garibay says:

    Thanks guys! Here is a discount code for 18% off of both print and e-book versions of the book: MV15SG

    The only requirement is that the purchase take place on the Packt website but I've heard that shipping has been pretty quick.…/book

    Thanks again!

    Rick G. Garibay


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