April/May Featured Articles on BI

We have more great articles on BI tools and trends.

Microsoft Breathes Life back into SQL Server On-Prem

Jen Underwood reviews the investments being made in SQLServer 2016, namely a noticeable commitment to on-premise SQL Server technologies such as the relational database, SSAS, SSRS and more. As she writers, “we are seeing life breathed back into both cloud and on-premises Microsoft BI. I haven’t seen this much buzz and interest since the SQL Server 2012 release.”

Filtering in Power Query

In this article, Melissa Coates walks you through adding filters using the Query Editor. She explains the impact of these filters on the state of data and how to determine when a filter operation has occurred on the data.

Introducing  Microsoft BI Reporting and Analysis Tools

The intent of this article is to help you choose the BI tools that best meet the data analytics and reporting needs of your company or organization. The article has recently been updated to cover some of the newer Microsoft BI technologies such as Power BI Designer, Power BI Preview, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, and more.

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